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Rolson St Louis Foundation

I Enjoyed Working in Hospitality

I was tranfered from the ‪Aqualina ‬ Hotel and Spa, where I was known as the priest, to the JW Marriott Hotel located on Brickell avenue near downtown Miami, where I had the supernatural vision. “Rolson St Louis is our new valet. Let us welcome him to the team.” That was the statement uttered when I was being introduced to my co-workers. Though I was new at the JW MARRIOTT, I was not new in the hospitality industry. As a matter of fact, the JW MARRIOTT was the fifth hotel I worked at. After quick tour, I was ready to start the job.

I enjoyed working in the hospitality industry, because I had the opportunity to meet a lot of people such as President Bill Clinton, VP Joe Biden, Secretary of States Hilary Clinton, governor Rick Scott, president Michel Martelly, Secretary Jeff Sessions, President Lionel, Prime minister Evans Paul just to name a few. And their words of encouragement to me were, “ Young man, your future is bright.” *Excerpt from second book.* #JeziKris


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