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Rolson St Louis Foundation

I Will Solve The Immigration Crisis

During the 2016 U.S.  presidential election, the immigration crisis was among the top issues that candidates had to address as they run the race for the White House.

As usual, candidates gathered together on stage during debate night to discuss their policies on national issues as well as international. And one of the issues that has been debating for many decades during election time was the immigration crisis.

“I will solve the immigration crisis. I will fix our broken immigration system.” Candidates proclaimed as they fight to win support from the American people and the undocumented immigrants.

But it had been very clear that every election season there are always great promises made to the American people that our broken immigration crisis was going to be fixed, but those promises were never kept.

Meanwhile, there have been approximately twelve million people living in fear and oppression in our  country and  our economy was  being ripped off every day. #JesusChrist


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