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They See America Like That But We see It Like This

If you think of America from the time that the country began until today, you will realize that the only thing that has not changed in America is the yearning for freedom and justice. Whether it be the slaves in late 1800's or the civil rights movement in 1954, there is always a group of people who are asking for justice and freedom in America. And one of the greatest things about our nation is that we know when change and freedom are due.


Today, the group might be a different group but the yearning for freedom and justice still remain the same.


Change has been due, and we know it.


Being the nation of the brave, America is always looking for that one brave person who could believe that the impossible can be made possible. That is why we are blessed to live in America in this vital time of history.


As tomorrow is waiting to hear of the miracles done by us today, America knows the urgency of this moment.


Happy Juneteenth!

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