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Immigration Reform

Good Samaritan Act

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The United States of America has been grappling with an immigration crisis for decades. As serious as it is, our government has not been inspired to take action to solve the problem. Meanwhile, our economy is being ripped off everyday and undocumented immigrants are sometimes being oppressed and living in fear in our nation. We cannot afford to ignore this problem any longer, because the safety of our nation and the stabilization of our economy depend on a better immigration system. America cannot be safe economically while millions of people are day in and day out in our economy undocumented. America cannot be safe socially while millions of people are living in our society undocumented. And surely, we cannot be safe spiritually while injustice is flourishing, and people are constantly being oppressed and living in fear in our country.


Bestselling Author Rolson St Louis, after working many years in the construction industry and witnessing the immense contribution of immigrants to help build the United States, has decided to take action to introduce a new immigration law in the country called  "Good Samaritan Act."  Rolson has become convinced that this new immigration law  will not only contribute in keeping our nation safe and the economy stabilized, it will also renew the power of democracy.


We must come together to solve the problem now, so that we can help those immigrant families who have been living  in the country as the lost sheep of our democracy, and eventually we will give the American taxpayers a break from spending billions of dollars on the broken immigration system every year. 


Let us remind ourselves that our call for immigration reform is a call of justice and equality for all. What we do about our immigration crisis this time will define the future of our nation for the generations to come. Now its up to us to decide.  Thomas Jefferson says, "All men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. So let us act in accordingly.


The Good Samaritan Act will grant a pathway to citizenship to unlawful immigrants and those  who are partly legal such as DACA and TPS recipients. There will not be a free pass to legalization. Unlawful immigrants and TPS and DACA recipients will be required to submit biometric data, pass criminal background check and national security checks, and pay fees and penalties before become eligible.  



Everyone who are living in the United States without  permanent residency will be eligible to apply for the Good Samaritan Act.

Any parent who had gotten deported due to illegal status, if that parent didn't commit any felony while living in the United States, he or she will be eligible to apply for the Good Samaritan Act. 


Those who enter the United States after December 25, 2016 may not be eligible to apply for the Good Samaritan Act. 

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