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This book shares an inspirational story of my life experience in Haiti and my tragic journey to the United State. During the Lavalas and the Defacto regime, I faced many problems in Haiti; killing, desease, starvation, injustice were all over the land. Students went on strike almost every day. Some of them were shot. Some were beat up to death, and others were burnt. I have watched people being stoned to death. In late 2002, a man named Jonas came to Haiti to help people flee the problems. On the night of August the 4, 2003, I found myself among many in a big, wild bush in St Marteen, waiting on a little canoe to take us to the United States. Some of us made it. Some didn't. But I thank God for allowing me to live to share this story.

God Has Saved Me

SKU: 9781490845975
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