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Donald Trump won the 2016 U.S. presidential election against historical presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. His victory surprised most of America. With little experience in politics and his stand on many issues, many Americans couldn’t believe that Donald was going to win the election and became the president of our beloved nation. During the presidential campaign, he made fun of disabled people and insulted many journalists. He was also accused of many unlawful acts. Millions of Americans rose against Donald Trump’s rhetoric and said that he was incompetent to be president of our nation. But it doesn’t matter of what Donald Trump has done or what people said about him, he had to be elected president. It was God’s plan to elect Donald Trump as president of the United States of America. Because if that Donald Trump was not elected president of the United States, the long years that I spent in the construction industry to help rebuild our nation would have been meaningless. If Donald Trump was not elected president of our nation, the years I spent in service in the hospitality industry would have been hopeless.


The Trump International Hotel and Beach Resort was not just the busiest hotel that I worked at, through it God gave me a powerful revelation that went on to change the course our immigration system and my life. In a few pages, I share a segment of my second book, which told the story.

It Was Because of President Trump

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