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Rolson St Louis Foundation

Jesus Calmed the Storm

One day, Jesus Christ was traveling from a city to another. So He and His disciples got into a boat and departed. While they were in the midst of the ocean, a violent storm arose.

Now the story does not tell us the category the storm, but it could have been bigger than a category five, because the disciples were so terrified.

At the time Jesus was asleep, then His disciples came to Him and said, "Lord, Lord! There is a violent storm arising. We are going to perish! Suddenly, Jesus woke up and calm the storm. (Read Matthew 8:25,24)

There is a storm in the ocean that is expected to hit Florida in the next couple of days. As violent as Hurricane #Irma maybe, Floridians must not focus only on the power of it, we must keep our focus more on the power of God.

Let us come together in prayers and call on the name of Jesus Christ, just like He calmed the storm before, He has power to calm it again. Have faith! #Letuspray

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