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My Book Tour Was Postponed

After my baptism in the year of 2014, I felt like I was prepared and ready to go across the United States and around the world to do what I have been doing in South Florida - to preach the good news and tell the entire world how precious is the salvation of God over my life. I prayed a good deal about it. I designed a beautiful plan, then I launched a world tour to go to some states across the country and some countries overseas.

While I was preparing for my tour, the immigration debate abated all over the news media. Every headline news in the United States as well as international news outlets were about the U.S. immigration crisis. This happened during the 2016 U.S. Presidential election right after I announced my world tour.

Candidate Donald Trump, the son of an immigrant, was running for President of the United States, took an unpopular approach on the immigration crisis that led millions of millions of immigrants to an arena of hopelessness. Mr. Trump’s approach toward the immigration crisis was not democratic and humane at all. He didn’t show any kindness towards the immigrants. He was not a defender of the poor, but an oppressor. For instance, Mr. Trump's approach was like one of a child who decides to kick his parents out of the tent they have built. It was like, for instance, watching my son saying to me, “Daddy, you do not belong to the United States. Go back to the country you came from!” It was like watching John F Kennedy, after being elected President of the United States, decides to kick his parents out of the country. The matter saddened me to the bones, because I too, just like Donald Trump parents, have migrated to the United States. So I felt a great sense of urgency to take some action that will give hope to the millions of millions of immigrants who were falling into despair in our country. So I postponed my tour, i took a trip to Washington, D.C. to address the crisis and introduce the Good Samaritan Act to Congress.

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