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New U.S. Immigration Reform- Good Samaritan Act

In the United States, we have been dealing with an immigration crisis for many decades. As serious as it is, our government has been apathetic toward it. Meanwhile, undocumented immigrants are living in fear and oppression in our country, and our economy is being ripped off everyday.

So as an immigrant and one who has contributed so much to the progress of the United States, Rolson St Louis has decided to take bold action to write an immigration proposal called "Good Samaritan Act" to help reform the broken immigration system.

The Good Samaritan Act will grant a pathway to citizenship to unlawful immigrants who have been living in the United States. This will not be a free pass to legalization. Unlawful immigrants will be required to submit biometric data, pass criminal background check and national security checks, and pay fees and penalties before become eligible.

Those who have entered the United States after December 25, 2016 may not be qualified to receive legal status under the Act.

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