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So far this still remains my greatest memory in Florida

Florida is one of the most beautiful, vibrant states in the United States. Making lasting memories can happen so quick and easy in Florida. If you like the park, a trip to the Everglades or Disney Walt can leave you with everlasting memory. The museums are amazing and incomparable. The weather is so beautiful, some days feel like Heaven in Florida. If you like the night life, a night out may also leave you with lasting memories. But as for me, on December 27, 2014 I did something so significant in North Miami, Florida that I will never forget. I went to a church and said to the Pastor, "Baptize me!"

The Oasis Church located in North Miami was about four miles away from North Miami Beach. Two years prior, I moved from North Miami to North Miami Beach. My son was born in North Miami. It was sort of predestined when a friend came to me one day and invited me to attend service at the Oasis Church. I joyfully accepted the invitation and decided to visit the church the following Sunday. It was a beautiful, diverse congregation, and the service was ignited. After Pastor Ben finished preaching his firing sermon, he invited everyone to join a small Bible study group to study the word together and learn from each other. Without hesitation, I joined one of the small Bible study group with a few friends. Nigel, my fellow Christian brother, who also had recently encountered with Christ and whose testimony I was thrilled by, was the leader of the group. We were about a few less than a dozen guys in the group. We come together every Wednesday afternoon to study the Word. The group was helpful and informative. We learned so much from each other testimonies and life experience. As we continue to study the Word together, I began to grow spiritually and draw closer to God. Two months after I joined the group, a baptism was taking place, so it was finally time to do the most important things of life.

It was on December 27, 2014, two days after Christmas. I woke up with great excitement, and drove to North Miami with my Son, where he stood alongside a big crowd and watched me getting baptized.

On the way to the Church he asked me this interesting question, “Daddy,” he said. “Have you ever seen a white bird?" I was very surprised. I didn't have any answer to give him. So I ended up telling him a story about white bird of which I thought he was satisfied. When we finally pulled up in front of the Church, everything was already prepared and ready for the baptism.

Usually, the baptism took place inside the church, but on that day it happened outside. It was a lovely Sunday, and I was ready to make it the most important moment of my life. I was ready to make it one of my lasting memories. As I was getting ready to get in the water, everyone shook my hand and congratulated me and wished me well on my baptism. When it was time for me to come forward, I walked to Pastor Ben with my heart fill with joy and said, "Baptize me." Pastor Ben recited the oath, and then he said, "My brothers and sisters, Rolson St Louis is an author. Today I baptized him in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Then he plunged me under the water.

When I arose from the water, I felt a new. I had a great sense that I have become part of something beyond my imagination. Something I still can find a word to describe. From that day on I knew that my life was never going to be the same again. I became more focus and enthusiastic about studying the word and became more obedient to many Christian principles. As I continued studying the Word, it was affirmed to me not only by the Spirit, but also through the Word that we are children of God through. As it written, “You are all children of God through faith in Christ Jesus.” Gal 3 : 26 NIV. And again Revelation 1:6 says, “And hath made us kings and priests unto God and His Father; to Him be glory and dominion for ever and ever. Amen.” It was after my baptism I had the powerful vision.


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